Making students job ready

Making parents mentoring ready for their children

Making professionals business ready

Sahi Disha has been working exclusively in the areas of job excellence, career guidance and developing entrepreneurs through its workshops J.E.O., C.P.S. and M.F.V.

We at Sahi Disha have always been trying to restructure people’s careers decision process and give it the right direction. Our mission is to equip people with all the necessary hybrid skills and tools that takes them to their professional pinnacle. We believe that every individual is unique and has an arsenal of skills, talents and potential which must be unleashed and nurtured to achieve desired goals in life. We have engineered workshops that are developed for job seekers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and parents to achieve excellence in life for themselves or their children. We are building a professional learning community that will create impeccable professional network and a source of forever learning.

Our Beliefs

  • Every individual is a superhero and has an arsenal of skills, talents and potential which must be unleashed and nurtured to achieve desired goals in life.
  • People spend more than 60% of their lives at their workplace, whether they are a working professional, self-employed or a businessperson. So, decisions related to career choice and development are most important ones in any individual’s academic and professional journey and should be made with utmost care.
  • Building a successful career is an art and being an artist takes efforts, time and patience. The earlier we start, the better we build.

Who must participate?

Jobseekers- Students/freshers who want to start their career by securing a good job.

Parents – Parents aspiring to be a career mentor for their children and create a roadmap for their bright future.

First Generation/aspiring entrepreneurs – Working professional or student with a great business idea seeking guidance to create a successful venture and become an entrepreneur

What do we do?

Equip every job aspirant with a strong personal portfolio and necessary analytical and interview skills needed to build and sustain a successful career.

Equip every parent with the best analysis and career planning tools with all the relevant information required to guide their children to build a successful career.

Equip every aspiring entrepreneur with the necessary planning, implementing and management tools required to conceptualize, start and run a business successfully and teach the most important and practical insights, information that leads to success or failure of a business.

Workshops offered by Sahi Disha

J.E.O.(Job Engine Optimization)

Learn how to get the job you deserve and build an amazing professional portfolio over a week. You also get a participation certificate……

C.P.S.(Career Positioning System)

Always know the best career option for your children. Learn about assessment tools, mentoring techniques and become the best career guide for them

M.F.V.(My First Venture)

Learn how to build and run your first venture successfully from conceptualization to management and build a project over a week…….

Why Sahi Disha?

  • Practical and output-oriented workshops based on experiential learning that ensures value for your time and money.
  •  Our participants learn from industry experts and certified trainers and mentors.
  • We conduct live sessions only.
  • Our participants become part of our ever-learning professional community for lifetime.
  • We always under commit and over-deliver.
  • We mean business – Our entire team, content and workshops are extremely professional. 
  • All workshops are very genuinely priced.
  • Our participants develop relevant skills and build an amazing portfolio.
  • Why Sahi Disha? – Our work speaks for us! Listen to what our participants have to say.

Meet Our Team

Abhishek Kumar

Head- Training/L&D, Sahi Disha Education Venture

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Tanmay Singh

Head- Marketing/Institutional sales, Sahi Disha Education Venture

A team that inspires us and works for a social cause.

Naveen Kavtiyal

Senior Talent Search Advisor

Nathu Singh Sisodiya

Nathu Singh Sisodiya

Marketing and sales strategist – Financial products and services 

Shailendra Singh Rawat

Shailendra Singh Rawat

C2C transition advisor

Gagandeep Sharma

Risk management analyst

Brajesh Swain

Brajesh Swain

Technology governance consultant

Ankita Dhal

Product management – IT/ITES

Numbers Speak for us


Participation Certificates Issued


Freshers got their first job


Parents became career mentors


Professionals started their first venture

Participant's Testimonials

Enlightened, aware, confident and thankful. Such an amazing workshop JEO is. I now have a very clear perspective towards my career and that too in just 6 days. Every student must attend JEO.
Abhigyan Tiwari
From New Delhi, India
From a banking professional to owning a financial services company, the transition would have been very difficult without MFV by Sahi Disha. MFV is the best guide that I chose.
Shubham Gupta
From Lucknow,India
JEO delivers everything that it promises. Understanding the employer's mindset and amazing interview tips and tricks. Now I am the one that filters job offers.
Sonali Pandey
From Jaipur, India
After two failed startups I was about to give up when I found MFV by Sahi Disha. My biggest takeaway was avoiding the 10 biggest mistakes by First Generation Entrepreneurs. MFV is must for every aspiring entrepreneur.
Hemant Pathak
From Lucknow, India
JEO comprises impeccable self assessment, practical implementation techniques, clear career roadmap and amazing hacks to ace any interview. What more does a student want?
From Indore, India
Through MFV I learned how to nurture my idea and build my own business step by step. I was able to create a business proposal and created my affiliate marketing firm straight out of college.
Kumar Abhinav
From Pune, India
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