Become the best career navigator for your children

Learn about most scientific tools for assessment

Get future careers ready with most updated information

Learn proven mentoring techniques

C.P.S.(Career Positioning System)

A workshop that makes you the best career mentor for your children over a weekend.

“Building a successful career is an art and being an artist takes efforts, time and patience. The earlier we start, the better we build”

C.P.S.(Career Positioning System)

CPS is a workshop for parents who want to be the best career guide and influencer for their children and create a roadmap for their bright future. CPS equips parents with all the necessary information, tools (online/offline) and processes which will help them in assessing their children and know what could be best for them. CPS also trains parents on mentoring techniques so that children have all the freedom in taking their decisions, learning from their mistakes while being guided in the right direction. In current times when the education must not be limited to subjective knowledge; necessary soft skills and career decision making ability must be possessed by children to envision their future and take efficient steps towards a great career. Even children are very distracted and confused – Lots of competition, lots of online information, lots of options, lots of sources; this is where parents step-in and navigate them through their problems and mentor them. Sahi Disha helps parents in creating a good portfolio for their children and they get to be a member of our progressive and like-minded parent’s community. Learning starts at home and parents are the best teachers and mentors a child could ever have as they play a very integral part in the career decision process of a child

Questions in your mind?

Which stream/course/subject combination my children should opt for?

How to guide my children in making effective career decisions?

How can I be the best career guide/mentor/influencer for my children?

What after 10th/12th?

How to get in touch with an expert mentor of a specific field?

Get all the answers with C.P.S.

How to assess my child's Interests/strengths/weaknesses/abilities?

What are the available education options for my children?

What are the available career options and which ones are hot ones?

How to build a portfolio for my children?

Which online tools will be helpful for me?

Who must participate?

Any parent whose child  is a student of class 6 to class 12th and wishes to be the best career mentor for their children and create a roadmap for their bright future by equipping themselves with the necessary tools, information and techniques.

Key Takeaways

Clear understanding of different tools to assess your child’s – strengths, weaknesses, interests, abilities etc.

CDP (Career Decision Process) – Concept, Process, implementation

Answer to the dilemma – what after 10th/12th

Answer to the dilemma- which course, stream, subject to choose.

A career assessment and mentoring mindset.

Information on available – career options, education options and processes.

Tools to create your children’s portfolio?

You get to be a member of our progressive and like-minded parent’s community

C.P.S.(Career positioning System) details

C.P.S. has been engineered to impart skills and deliver results in a short time-span with the ease of online learning

Power-packed workshop

  • Conducted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 3 sessions 2 hours each
  • Timing:      Friday – 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm, Saturday and Sunday – 11.30 am  to 01.30 pm 
  • Mode – Online on Zoom
  • Required Device – Laptop/Mobile phone/Tablet with active internet connection
  • Required Stationery – Notebook, pen/pencil
  • Fee – Rs 4999/- plus GST.

Delivery process of C.P.S.

Frequently Asked Questions about C.P.S.

What should be the ideal age of my child for this workshop?

Ideal age spectrum of children for CPS is 9 years to 18 years.

Will I learn counselling techniques?

CPS provides its participants with the necessary information, tools and processes to be able to counsel their children but does not train them on counselling techniques.

Will I have to pay anything apart from registration fee of Rs 4999/- for this workshop?

No, you must only pay Rs 4999/- plus taxes for CPS.

Will I get recording of the sessions?

Yes, you would receive the link to recorded sessions in your mail. This link will be valid for 7 days after completion of your workshop.

Is it compulsory for my child to attend this workshop with me?

No, it is not compulsory for your child to attend this workshop as it is meant for transforming parents into a mentor for their children.

Will I get one on one counselling during this workshop?

No, we do not provide one on one counselling or consultation to parents during CPS. Parents can always get in touch with us for personal counselling sessions.

How much time will I have to dedicate for this workshop?

We just take 6 hours over 3 days with CPS to become the best career mentor for your children.

Will my child get help in getting admissions after this workshop?

We provide parents with the information of available career options, education options, college options but do not facilitate in getting admission in desired college. We just guide you in the right direction.

In which language is this workshop conducted?

CPS is conducted in 2 different language options i.e. English and Hindi.

I do not have a laptop; will I be able to attend this workshop?

You can easily participate in this workshop with your internet enabled smartphone as well.

Any more questions regarding C.P.S.?

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