Get the job you always desired and deserved

Become the first choice of recruiters

Ace any interview with ease

Build an amazing portfolio

J.E.O.(Job Engine Optimization)

A workshop that makes you job ready over a week

“Getting the desired job takes more than just a CV and Interview skills… must be professionally optimized”


JEO is workshop that has been specially designed for freshers/students looking for a job and also helps professionals looking for a jump-start in their career. JEO focuses on optimizing the existing skillset of an individual and empower them with the necessary tools and techniques to secure a good job and start a great career. In Indian education system the focus is on subjective knowledge and hard skills, so students generally lack the necessary soft skills required to implement their subjective knowledge and hard skills properly. The lack of these soft skills results in less employability and extremely high unemployment rate. In today’s scenario students and freshers must be taught and trained on hybrid skills(a perfect mix of hard skills and soft skills). Sahi Disha has created this program just to unleash the existing and actual potential of students so that they realize their real worth and are able to create a good career for themselves. We also create a professional portfolio for our aspirants and welcome them to our professional learning community which becomes a source of ever-learning, networking and updates.

Questions in your mind?

How to secure an interview?

I have weak communication skills; how would I answer difficult questions and crack interview?

Which online tools should I learn?

How can I build an amazing career?

How do I analyze myself and know my worth?

Get all the answers with J.E.O.

How do I know which career is best?

What type of career/job I deserve?

How to create a professional CV?

How to get my first job?

How to select company?

How do I re-start/jump start my career?

Who must participate?

Job-seekers – Students/freshers/starting professionals actively looking for job.

Students – Graduate(any discipline) /Post-graduate(any discipline) , any semester.

Professionals – Starting professionals looking forward to a change in career, field of work or want to re-start/jump-start their career.

Topics covered

Career decision process – Decisions analysis and effective career decisions.

Career restructuring process – How to choose desired sector, company and profile.

Building a professional personal portfolio – Resume/CV, Cover letter, Application draft.

Pre interview processes, communications and documentation.

How to ace an interview – answering most difficult interview questions

Post interview process and usage of online tools for professional upgradation

Key Takeaways

A professional personal portfolio – Resume/CV, Cover letter, Application draft.

Interview acing skills –  How to secure and ace an interview.

Communication tools – E-mail templates, Follow-up and responding skills

Practical understanding of career decision process and growth curve.

Conceptual insights of hiring process and employer’s mindset.

Membership of Sahi Disha’s professional learning community

J.E.O.(Job Engine Optimization) details

J.E.O. has been engineered to impart skills and deliver results in a short time-span with the ease of online learning

Power-packed workshop

  • Conducted on weekdays – Monday to Friday – 5 sessions 90 minutes each
  • Timing:      Flexible
  • Mode – Online on Zoom
  • Required Device – Laptop/Mobile phone/Tablet with active internet connection
  • Required Stationery – Notebook, pen/pencil
  • Fee – Rs 4999/- plus GST.

Delivery process of J.E.O.

What our participants say about J.E.O.

Enlightened, aware, confident and thankful. Such an amazing workshop JEO is. I now have a very clear perspective towards my career and that too in just 6 days. Every student must attend JEO.
Abhigyan Tiwari
From New Delhi, India
JEO comprises impeccable self assessment, practical implementation techniques, clear career roadmap and amazing hacks to ace any interview. What more does a student want?
From Indore, India
JEO delivers everything that it promises. Understanding the employer's mindset and amazing interview tips and tricks. Now I am the one that filters job offers.
Sonali Pandey
From Jaipur, India
JEO taught me that interview is more than just english speaking skill. I learned about career decision process, interview acing skills and was able to grab two job offers in college placement.
Saurabh Anand
From Udaipur, India
Live sessions, excellent faculties, great content, amazing templates and interview hacks. If you are a job aspirant then JEO by Sahi Disha is the workshop for you. Thank me later.
From Varanasi, India
All my queries regarding job, career, interviews were addressed in JEO. I built an attractive and professional portfolio and learned amazing interview hacks over a weekend.
Shivani Kumari
From Patna, India

Frequently Asked Questions about J.E.O.

My communication skill is weak, will this workshop benefit me?

Yes, it will. Communication skill is generally associated with poor english speaking skill which is not correct. JEO not only gives you the necessary verbal and non-verbal communication templates but also educates you about career options with your existing communication skills and gives you the tools to improve your communication skills. JEO also enables you to secure and succeed in an interview with your existing communication skill.

I am not sure which career or field to choose, will this workshop benefit me?

Yes, JEO covers career decision process and restructuring process so, you will have a good idea about which career to choose over a week.

Will I be able to build a good CV/Resume after this workshop?

Yes, we will build a professional portfolio for you that would contain a CV and cover letter templates as well as you would receive sample professional CVs for future reference.

Will I have to pay anything apart from registration fee of Rs 4999/- for this workshop?

No, you must only pay Rs 4999/- plus taxes for JEO.

I do not have a laptop; will I be able to attend this workshop?

You can easily participate in this workshop with your internet enabled smartphone as well.

I am a PG/BA, BSc., BCom student, will this workshop help me?

JEO is for any fresher irrespective of their course, degree or field of interest. It covers the career aspect, job market, hiring process and documentation as a whole and not specific to any field. Our participants have created exceptionally good careers in their respective domains after JEO.

I have no work experience; will this workshop help me?

Yes, JEO has been engineered for freshers i.e. people with no prior work experience to give them the necessary insights, knowledge and tools of career development and prepare them for an iconic career.

Will I get a job guarantee from Sahi Disha?

No, Sahi Disha does not guarantee any job of any kind with JEO. JEO is a professional workshop that trains, builds a professional portfolio and equips its participants with the necessary information, processes and tools that enables them to create a good career roadmap, ace any interview and get their desired job.

Will I be able to ace an interview after this workshop?

Easily! If you follow the processes, techniques and instructions provided during JEO; use the tools as instructed then you would surely ace your desired interview

Will I be able to answer difficult interview questions after this workshop?

Yes, JEO discusses frequently asked difficult questions and how to answer them. It also trains the participants on interviewee’s mind-set so answering any question and acing an interview would be easy.

Will I get a certificate for this workshop?

Yes, you would receive a participation certification upon completion of this workshop.

How much time will I have to dedicate for this workshop?

We just take 7.5 hours over 5 days with JEO to enhance your employability and take you to a new professional level.

Will I get recording of the sessions?

Yes, you would receive the link to recorded sessions in your mail. This link will be valid for 7 days after completion of your workshop.

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