Transform your Idea into a successful venture

Create an effective and feasible business proposal

Avoid 10 biggest mistakes of First Generation Entrepreneurs

Learn secrets of getting funded

M.F.V. (My First Venture)

A workshop that enables people with no business background to start and run their  business successfully.

“Success or failure of a venture depends less on the idea and more on the person executing it. It is all about the mind-set of the entrepreneur”

M.F.V.(My First Venture)

MFV is a workshop for working professionals who want to escape from their everyday work routine and start their own business. MFV has been specifically engineered to leverage the experience and knowledge of its aspirants and facilitate their transformation from working professionals to an entrepreneur. Success or failure of a venture depends less on the idea and more on the person executing it i.e. it is mostly about the mind-set of the entrepreneur. Job based life and environment makes our mind very convergent (task/work/department/profile oriented) whereas a businessperson should have a very divergent mind-set. It does not matter which field of business you pursue, there are some basic principles, processes and tools which must be followed and used religiously to succeed. MFV equips its participants with the necessary information, tools (online/offline) and processes which helps them in creating a great business with their idea irrespective of their background, work experience, field of work and investment capability. You also get to be part of our budding entrepreneurs club for good networking and continuous learning. MFV guides budding entrepreneurs stepwise from ideation to implementation to management.

Questions in your mind?

How to create a business proposal and get funded for my idea?

How to make my product/service marketable and how to market it?

How to build a winning team, create a proper organizational structure and manage it?

How to assess the feasibility of my business plan?

Do I need to learn business administration and management education to be a successful entrepreneur?

Which management tools should I use for better management/accounting/reporting?

Get all the answers with M.F.V.

How to convert my idea into a business?

How to start and succeed in my venture if I do not have business background?

How to make a successful transition from my stable job to something uncertain?

What are the must to-dos and to-don’ts for a first-generation entrepreneur?

What are the legalities involved in establishing and running a business?

How to develop and implement strategies – Product development, Marketing, sales, HR, operations?

Who must participate?

A working professional or a student with no business background, who has a great business idea and wants to be an entrepreneur/businessperson, seeking guidance to create a successful venture

Topics covered

Advancing from ideation to implementation

How to create a good business proposal and get funded

Working professional to entrepreneur transformation process – Perceptions, attitude, analytical skills, responsibilities, roles, to-dos, to-don’ts etc

Feasibility assessment of your idea – Market research

Ten biggest mistakes of FGEs (First generation entrepreneurs) which must be avoided

Establishing and managing a company, building a winning team

Necessary business cycles and strategy building – Marketing, sales, management, operations etc.

Key Takeaways

Understanding about formation and management of a company/business

A researched result for the feasibility of your idea.

Clear understanding about – When to make transition from job to business and how to do it

A peek in business world before taking the leap

Effective strategy building techniques

How to get funded

Knowledge of all requisites and avoidable while starting up

Effective business proposal preparation and necessary management tools

M.F.V.(My First Venture)details

M.F.V. has been engineered to impart skills and deliver results in a short time-span with the ease of online learning

Power-packed workshop

  • Conducted on weekdays – Monday to Friday – 5 sessions 1.5 hours each
  • Timing:      Flexible
  • Mode – Online on Zoom
  • Required Device – Laptop/Mobile phone/Tablet with active internet connection
  • Required Stationery – Notebook, pen/pencil
  • Fee – Rs 4999/- plus GST.

Delivery process of M.F.V.

What our participants say about M.F.V.

After two failed startups I was about to give up when I found MFV by Sahi Disha. My biggest takeaway was avoiding the 10 biggest mistakes by First Generation Entrepreneurs. MFV is must for every aspiring entrepreneur.
Hemant Pathak
From Lucknow, India
From a banking professional to owning a financial services company, the transition would have been very difficult without MFV by Sahi Disha. MFV is the best guide that I chose.
Shubham Gupta
From Lucknow,India
Through MFV I learned how to nurture my idea and build my own business step by step. I was able to create a business proposal and created my affiliate marketing firm straight out of college.
Kumar Abhinav
From Pune, India
I wanted to switch from my job to my own venture. I would have surely crumbled to family pressure and lack of experience and affected my career as well. MFV by Sahi Disha gave me a clear perspective and action plan about my idea and creating a business out of it. I made the transition gradually and own a bakery now.
Shakti Satpathy
From Odisha, India
Starting and running a business is is very different and far beyond from anything that we learn in colleges or companies specially if you don't have a business background. MFV gave me the best support, tools and step by step guidance to start my own small scale manufacturing plant.
Manish Kumar
From Jharkhand, India

Frequently Asked Questions about M.F.V.

I am a student/working professional and want to start my own business, will this workshop benefit me?

Yes, MFV has been engineered for students and working professionals who deserve to be an entrepreneur. We start from the basics and gradually cover the important and necessary aspects of your first business. Our stepwise approach makes it quite easy for you to imbibe all the concepts, learn all the tools and processes to create a successful venture for yourself.

I am planning for a home-based/small business, will this workshop help me?

Yes, MFV will help any student or working professional with no business background planning for business of any size.

Will I get funding after this workshop?

No, Sahi Disha does not guarantee any funding to its participants. We rather train them to be able to start with minimal investment or generate funds for their business.

Will I have to pay anything apart from registration fee of Rs 4999/- for this workshop?

No, you must only pay Rs 4999/- plus taxes for MFV.

I have very less/no funds, will this workshop help me?

Yes, MFV includes the module where we educate our participants on different boot-strapped start-up techniques where they can start with very low investment or learn how to generate funds for their business.

I already have a business, should I attend this workshop?

MFV has been designed for First Generation Entrepreneurs i.e. people who intend to be the first business person in their family i.e. who have no business background but it will also benefit people who already have a business in updating a few concepts and learn new management tools and new ways to implement new ideas to their existing business.

My communication skill is weak, but I have a great business plan, will this workshop benefit me?

Yes, it will. Communication skill is generally associated with poor english speaking skills which is not correct. To be an entrepreneur you need effective communication skills but not fluent english necessarily. MFV is a unique mix of business consulting and entrepreneurship development that educates and trains its participants to be able to start and run their business successfully with their existing skills and background.

I have not decided which business to do yet, should I attend this workshop?

Yes, if you have not decided your field of business then MFV is must for you because whenever you are certain about your venture you will need the concepts and tools taught in MFV. MFV also helps you in creating a better vision of your entrepreneurial journey which aids in efficient business decision making.

Will I get a bankable business plan in this workshop?

No, we provide the basic framework of a business project as well as sample business projects that could be referred to in future to prepare your business plan proposal. MFV nurtures your idea and provides you with the tools to develop a bankable project.

Will I get a certificate for this workshop?

Yes, you would receive a participation certification upon completion of this workshop.

How much time will I have to dedicate for this workshop?

We just take 7.5 hours over 5 days with MFV to realize your dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Will I get recording of the sessions?

Yes, you would receive the link to recorded sessions in your mail. This link will be valid for 7 days after completion of your workshop.

Any more questions regarding M.F.V.?

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